Once upon a time, in a forum far away there lived a user. His adopted internet name was Minor. At some point he decided this name wasn’t cool enough so he changed it to Elektrobear with a K because that makes it cooler, right? Then at some point in life this internet person started making really bad music and posting it on said internet forum. His fellow internet buddies would go through the motions of patting him on the back over his superb work because hey, none of them could make music. The backpatting emboldened this young fellow and he continued on his journey to become slightly better at making music. Then he released an album on the internet for free.

Somewhere around this point the forum exploded, cutting off the aspiring artist from his source of encouragement. Nevertheless he carried on and bought his very own website to put his music on. He then released another album for free. It was slightly better.

This then carried on for some time.

A few years later he got sort of bored with all this website stuff and started experimenting with posting things on other hip and cool music websites. He also made the soundtrack for two video games during this period. It was a period of musical refinement and exploration of what role music could take in his life.

The website however had been abandoned without content or updates for two years.

And then I went and did a thing.

So uh, yeah, I found this music playlist thing called music for concentration and it kind of really made me want to do stuff. So I decided to pick a new wordpress theme and install it cause why not. I also decided to write something to get that remark about mojo off my landing. Ugh.

Momodora III has been out on steam since July 1st. I made most of the music for it.

I also have a Bandcamp now.

And a Soundcloud cause fuck it why not.

Oh, and I’m partly sort of on Spotify. Should get more stuff up on there soon.

Why I’m awake when I should be asleep..

Apparently I’ve decided to actually put things on here. That’s new. Oh well, gotta go with the flow and give the smarter part of my brain what it wants. And it wants more stuff.


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This is a thing I made yesterday. It’s short and wip and apparently I might  be getting my mojo back.

You can never be too sure with that though..

Elektrobear – To the Top (I hear it’s nice there) [2009]

Elektrobear – To the Top (I hear it’s nice there)


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Back in September 2009 I released we took to the skies. During this time I was kind of battling major depression by pouring myself into music. As a result, I was making alot of it. So, a month later in October 2009 I created a new folder on my computer titled “Elektrobear – To the Top(I hear it’s nice there)” and started working on my next album, a fictional story about the rise and fall of a fictional me. I even wrote lyrics and stuff! Now, for anyone who has followed my website or listened to my albums, this might be new information. The next album I released ended up being titled Forever and it ended up being released in March 2011. So there’s half a year’s worth of music missing here. In spring 2010 I laid the finishing touches on To the Top, but I wasn’t sure if I should release it. Eventually I trashed it and started working on Destination Beartopia, which then became Birth, which in turn became Forever.

Anyway, I’ve decided to not care anymore and release this album now, because I should have done it three years ago.


Elektrobear – Last Living Fools

Elektrobear – Last Living Fools

Download Elektrobear – Last living fools.rar


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Huh. (Wherein things are explained and knowledge is dropped.)

So apparently I have this website, and it’s been kind of dead for like, forever.


First off, I’m still making music. You should see my music folder! In fact, here’s a picture of my music folder. It’s crazy! The filesize of this specific Elektrobear music folder is now over 1,6 gigs. Considering a regular song ranges from 3-4 megabytes, that’s like.. alot of songs. So you can gather from that, I’ve been making alot of music. For the last two years or so it’s mostly been directed into four separate projects.

The first one is last years album release, Forever. If you are one of those rare people that actually keep track of the things I’m doing, you might have noticed this video, posted on my youtube channel on March 7th.

The Second project was my work on a game called Momodora II. I composed the soundtrack for it, as well as creating a few sound effects. The game was released on July 10th, 2011.

From that point on, there’s a bit of a dark period in the Elektrobear history, where I basically just focused on making music, and almost completely ignored the Elektrobear umbrella of things. I did do some streaming though. That was pretty cool.

However, with a new year comes a revitalization of spirit and vigor. Which brings us to the two remaining projects. One of them which should be no secret, is that I’m working on the soundtrack for Momodora III. The other one was announced exactly a year and three days ago.

Last living Fools.

This is the next album I’m going to release and it’s been done for a few months now. I just keep going back to it and cutting/adding songs because I’m not happy with parts of it. Last month I decided to release it at the end of April. Then I didn’t hold to that. And now I’m writing this thing and posting it on all my other things to hopefully force myself to actually do something about these things.

And because I’m not about to write a post that’s this long and leave it devoid of actual new content, here’s a teaser for you crazy kids.


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Oh also I’m going to try and stream whenever I get around to making music. If you want to keep track of that stuff, make sure to follow some of these pages.


Elektrobear – Momodora II Original Soundtrack

Elektrobear – Momodora II Original Soundtrack

Download Elektrobear – Momodora II Original Soundtrack.rar


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Cover art by Tuyoki – http://tuyoki.deviantart.com/

Elektrobear – Forever

Elektrobear – Forever

Download Elektrobear – Forever.rar


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Elektrobear – , we took to the skies.

Elektrobear – , we took to the skies.

Download Elektrobear – , we took to the skies.rar


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